Sunday, September 30, 2007

Latest On The Sabbatical Front

I sent in my revised proposal to my department chair, dean, and Faculty Development Committee. Most of the responses have been favorable but they mostly have focused on the pedagogical, sociological, and methodological issues of the proposal and very little on bees. Interestingly though, I continue to get offers of help from faculty in a number of different disciplines. There is something about this idea of raising bees that has resonance for people here at my university.

When the proposal is approved, I will not wait for two years to begin my ethnographic research. (I have started already in little ways.)I plan on starting to attend beekeeper's meetings at the closest club I've found, some 20 miles from my home. I will also be applying for a grant so that I can travel and attend various national beekeeper's conferences and perhaps visit with a number of beeks I've been in contact with over the internet. The use of the internet as a resource in doing ethnography fascinates me. That means this week I must make some contacts.

The other news to report is that Monta and I have purchased some wooden fence sections for creating a protective barrier around the beeyard. When we finish putting it up we will leave photos here.

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