Wednesday, January 16, 2008

All But The Cover

Metpropolis is just about built and I thought I'd share some photos of the building process thus far.

1. In this first, Monta is planing the boards that will end up as the top bars. They were slightly wider than necessary. We've had this planer for a few years but this is the first project we've used it on.

2. Monta is here pictured creating the follower boards.

3. Here they are finished.

4. In the next series of photos Monta builds the hive body.

5. Monta staples the hardware cloth on the bottom of the hive.

6. The removable bottom board is fitted. Monta's addition to Chandler's design is to add ceiling screws as a way of attaching the bottom and allowing semi-easy removable.

7. The hive with a few top bars on it.

8. In this last photo, Monta saws the legs of the hive.

All that needs to be created is the cover, add some holes...and then, of course, the bees in the spring. Our daughter, Emerald, will be painting an interesting cityscape on the sides.

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