Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Motorcycles and Bees

I'm a motorcyclist who prefers to ride bikes that make a gentle, rumbling, purring sound. I like my hearing and I don't try to display my masculinity with loud, screeching pipes. I found out the hard and painful way, yesterday, that my bees hold the same preference.

I was sitting in front of Metpropolis observing the comings and goings of its inhabitants when a young squid on a crotch-rocket decided to go up and down the street making as much noise as possible. The bees became agitated, voiced their protest, and, as a consequence, a guard went after me, as if I was to blame. There was no reasoning with this bee and I was stung on the wrist. Thankfully, I wasn't inspecting the hive when the noisy neighbor decided to assert his testosterone.

Another lesson learned!

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