Friday, June 20, 2008

Mackenzie the Beekeeper

On the evening of June 1st, one of our cats, Mackenzie ran off. Today, we discovered that Mackenzie was found dead by a neighbor a few days afterwards.
Mackenzie was unlike any cat I've ever met. In some ways, his relations to humans were more dog-like than feline. He loved jumping into people's arms, wrapping his paws around their neck, and snuggling. When I worked at home, he was my shadow, sitting next to me at the computer, or at the dining room table. He found a new passion this spring: beekeeping. He loved to follow me outside and into Beelandia, not to annoy or antagonize the bees, but to sit on my lap in front of a hive and watch the bees' comings and goings. Even his first sting didn't deter Mackenzie from joining me in the bee yard. (He happened to step on a bee while running to sit with me!)
I do regret not getting a photo of "Mac" helping me at work with the bees. I will miss him.
(This photo was taken by our son, Gareth.)

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