Friday, August 22, 2008

One Small Step

I received the following on our campus-wide mailing list this morning:

>>Good Morning, Everyone,>If you had a chance to attend the Community Picnic last night, I hope you enjoyed yourself despite the rain (but no bees!). Attached is a very short simple feedback form if you have any ideas for improving the picnic. Please feel free to offer any opinions or thoughts. >>Best wishes for a great start to the year!

Here is my response:

I hate to be technical, but those insects that disrupt picnics are rarely if ever bees. They are most likely yellow jackets which are small aggressive wasps. One very small step in helping honeybees survive is recognizing how non-aggressive they are outside the hive and not to confuse them with other insects.


Anonymous said...

I applaud your activism in speaking out for the bees, and for correcting misconceptions. However, it is so ironic that under that blog entry (One Small Step) the "Ads by Google" chosen say this: >Denver Eliminate Bees--Don't let pests ruin your day. Let us evict your pests. (Plus link to their site) < AND
>Portland Kill Bees--Local bee control services Get rid of bugs and rodents today--(also with their link). <
Not exactly "bee friendly" advertising right on your blog! Next you'll have to educate blogspot.

Abelisto said...

Thanks...and yes, it is ironic,,, and I depressing. I feel that sometimes we all face an endless battle.