Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Inspections This Week So Far

I've made three inspections this week and, overall, all goes well in Beelandia.

I did a thorough inspection of Bee Glad... on Monday, preparing my mind for repositioning frames in the three boxes next month. Interestingly, it is the second box that seems relatively empty of honey. The bottom box is quite full and might account for why the queen is only laying in the top two. I pulled a frame in the bottom box, leaving 9 in the bottom. The bees were gentle, not overly defensive even though there were plenty of bees in the hive.

Nuc To Be Name Later is in excellent shape. The new queen exhibits a solid brood pattern and the forgagers are bringing in much nectar and pollen. I still have to consider what to do with this nuc come next month.

Yesterday, I opened Metpropolis and found another thriving colony of gentle bees. I did find a few queen cells and open cups located in places that might indicate swarming. I cut these cells out. I will watch this hive carefully.

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