Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Week of Winter Projects

As any beekeeper will tell you, beekeeping is a 12 month endeavor whether you live in the north or south, or whether you are a commercial, sideline, or hobby beekeeper. There's equipment to fix, buy and put together, beekeeping literature to read, expansion plans to flesh out. Winter is a busy time.

I am fortunate enough to have this week off at the university, and, besides paper and test grading, am using this time to do various beekeeping projects that I just can't seem to fit into my normal schedule. Yesterday, I spent some time putting together some mating nucs for my spring and summer increase plans. I also started a few seedlings: bee balm, chamomile, and ornamental tobacco plants. Today, I will be cleaning and refurbishing some frames. Sometime later this week, I will be putting together some hive boxes so that in early spring, I can transfer Nuc To Be Named Later out of the queen castle it's in now and into regular hive boxes.

And if there is time, I am going to read all my queen rearing books for a second and third time.

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