Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Drones Are Flying!

Drones have begun to fly out of Beelandia during the day. I will take this as an indication that my queen rearing project can begin. On Friday, I will turn the bottom entrance of Bee Glad... around 180 degrees, move the queen to the two bottom boxes, place a Cloake Board between the second and top boxes, and move frames of open brood into the top box. This weekend, the process of grafting from the Worker Bees hive will begin in earnest.

I plan simply to walk-away splits to the top bar hives when and if queen cells appear in either hive.

For more information on queen rearing, check out the following books:

1 comment:

Gordo said...

We'll have them flying sometime this week, so we're starting splits next weekend when the Cub pack comes to visit. :-)