Sunday, May 23, 2010

Notes on Beelandia Today

Just a few bits of news from the Beelandia Apiary:

  • Yesterday I took a 24 hour mite count of the three langstroth hives. All seems reasonable. Worker Bee had the lowest count with just two mites. Lib-BEE-taria had 16 and Bee Glad... had 12. The latter two hives will be watched more closely.
  • Two of the five grafts done 5 days ago "took". Thursday I will place the queen cells in a mating nuc.
  • I checked the mating nucs and 5 of 7 have laying queens. Next week I will check to see each queen's laying pattern.
  • I inspected Plan Bee..., one of the top bar hives, today. I have this feeling that this hive is in preparation for swarming. The bees are feeling up the brood nest with nectar and the queen seems to have slowed down in her laying. Only one queen cell in evidence, however. I  took the bottom board off this hive and uncorked another entrance.

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Lady BeeBee said...

Those saucy bees...feeling up the brood nest..(;