Monday, July 19, 2010

Today's Inspections

It was not an ideal day to make any inspections. The temperature was pleasant enough (mid 80s) but the sky was rather overcast.

Today I checked out the two nucs that had swarmed recently, as well as the two new hives created from other nucs.

The two swarmed nucs were doing fine. In both I saw the new queen scurrying about the hive. In one, the queen has not yet layed any eggs, but in the other she is plenty active.

The expansion of the two new hives has seemed to slow a bit. In  Atta Bee, the bees have not worked much into the upper third box, though all seems rather healthy in the rest of the hive. The newer, unnamed hive shows an active queen but only three frames of work done in the upper (second) box.

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