Sunday, October 10, 2010

Article: Honeybees' collapse caused by combination of virus and fungus study reports

Many of you are already aware of this news but I thought I'd provide a link to the Christian Science Monitor's article on this important development anyway. Thank you Chad for providing this link.


MontaGael said...

So will this encourage or discourage the "treadmill of production" dilemma/effect? Or neither?

Abelisto said...

Good question! It really depends on how we choose to "cure" the disease. A "reductionist/technological" antidote that looks for a "silver bullet" cure is usually associated with maintaining the status quo, in this case, the treadmill of production. A "holistic/ecological" approach would ask a few more questions. Where did this fungus and virus come from? Why were honeybees susceptible to it now? Why couldn't honeybees adapt to it? Does this disease have anything to do with the way we human beings choose to live and work with honeybees? This may demand an examination of our expectations of "nature" and its relationship to the treadmill.

Abbas Uddin said...

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