Monday, January 4, 2010

Meadery of the Rockies

Monta and I just returned from our annual Christmas trip to Las Vegas to celebrate the Holidays with our family living there. As usual, we drove down and, this year, we stopped along the way and visited our friends Harold and Deb in Grand Junction, Colorado. Before leaving the area, we stopped by the Meadery of the Rockies which is located in nearby Palisades, right in Colorado wine country. We spent an enjoyable 45 minutes talking to one the employees, looking at their set up, and sampling a number of the meads brewed on the premises. We even bought a bottle of their excellent dry mead Lancelot.

While the meadery doesn't brew mead from local honey, they do have three or four hives on the premises which are managed by a local-area beekeeper. (They use honey from bees managed in the Florida citrus orchards.)

Our visit gave Monta some ideas and inspiration as she explores ways to expand her own interest in mead-making.

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Anonymous said...

We very much enjoyed your visit at Meadery of the Rockies!! Please come see us again!!
Lisa W. -Manager