Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Visit To Snowy Beelandia

I got home early from work yesterday and thought I'd go out and see how Beelandia was doing. We've had a bit of snow this January, so the checking of hive entrances seemed called for. What I found varied from hive to hive.

Both Nuc To Be Named Later and Bee Glad... had some activity at their upper entrances. Nuc... also had a noticiable amount of dead bees strewn around its perimeter. Both of the top bar hives had a couple of dozen dead bees each in front of their entrances though I saw no activity from live bees. (Not that I expected much, it was 25 degrees F.)

What I saw in front of Lib-BEE-taria concerned me. Just too many dead bees in front of the bottom entrance for my liking. I swept the deceased away and went in the house to record my notes.

Beelandia has one other active inhabitant; a rabbit is feasting on the hay bales and leaving tracks throughout the apiary.

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